Academic mentorships or advising seek to offer the necessary tools to those interested in entering or deepening their role in academia. We train our students in terms of research and assist by organizing their curriculum, helping with the selection process, revising the research project, systematizing the literature review and preparing for interviews.





Informed Opinion



01. Advising

This is an individual conversation of approximately 1h, through online platforms, to discuss investigative projects, postgraduate options, curriculum, doubts and specific interests of the researcher. In this first opportunity for dialogue, the aim is to outline an academic profile to verify objectively what are the weaknesses and strengths with regard to graduate selections and the research proposed.

02. Informed Opinion

In order for an informed opinion to be presented, it is necessary to carry out prior academic consultancy. The purpose of the opinion is to present the necessary information to the student about admission, notices, curriculum, project and interview for the selection of master's, doctorate or research funding, as defined in the “advising” step. We present a detailed evaluation criteria and the facilitating tools for research development and / or for the admission process for graduate school, according to the specific objectives pointed out, through an individual 2 hour class. 

03. Mentorship

• Academic advising + Informed Opinion + monitoring of the entire admission process, including assistance in preparing and organizing the curriculum on the lattes platform and in preparing the project, work plan, training for the interview and other procedures necessary in the selection process.

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