Academic Internationalization has as a main objective to help everyone interested in realizing the dream of studying abroad. We train our students in terms of international research and in connecting with international networks, which promote an expansion of the curriculum and the student's perception of academic possibilities. We help to search for events abroad and research networks, and we also assist in writing academic papers in a foreign language, offering information on publications abroad and the submission of individual projects to promote research.





Informed Opinion



01. Advising

This is an individual online meeting of approximately 1 for dialogue about the candidate's curriculum, specific interests and other doubts. In this first opportunity, the academic profile of the interested party is elaborated in order to establish possible proposals in the realization of their experience abroad. The purpose is to collect and analyze the candidate’s particular needs, in addition to providing the appropriate personalized recommendations, maximizing their chances of success. 

02. Informed Opinion

• For the presentation of the informed opinion, it is necessary to carry out prior academic advising. The purpose of the opinion is to present three alternatives of graduate courses lato sensu (specializations and MBA’s) and stricto sensu (masters and doctorates), according to the specificities of the academic, in Universities related to the intended subject of study. The suggestions detail the courses, their necessary workload, the period of studies required to be completed abroad and the other particularities. 

In addition to indicating the three options objectively connected to the research area and / or interest, all the selection criteria are listed, such as: general costs, foreign language proficiency exam, letter of acceptance for guidance, letter of recommendation, project and work plan.

03. Mentorship

Academic advising + informed opinion + monitoring of the entire admission process, including assistance in contacting the desired advisor and in preparing the project, work plan, letter of recommendation and other procedures necessary for the selection process.

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