Institutional Internationalization

Institutional Internationalization has been expected of Higher Education Institutions, Companies and the Third Sector organization as a primary step in the scientific, social, economic, environmental and cultural development of Brazilian and foreign citizens. Therefore, for Brazil to be actively present in the list of countries committed to sharing knowledge from a global, intercultural and interdisciplinary perspective, internationalization must be rigorously implemented by diverse programs that take international platforms, networks and exchanges as a central point in the improvement of activities, aiming at transforming expansion through knowledge and innovation.

01. What we propose?

The Institutional Internationalization offered by Terceiro Andar seeks to ensure that legal entities have access to funding, opportunities and international impact planning for their teaching, research and extension activities. We act as a facilitator between institutions and offer concrete services for diagnostics, projects and terms of cooperation that facilitate not only fundraising, but also guarantee the application of international stamps and partnerships.

02. What we offer

1) international certification for postgraduate courses;

2) survey and diagnosis of opportunities and development of projects to attract foreign funding;

3) proposals and monitoring of cooperation agreements between national and foreign institutions, and

4) elaboration, monitoring and delivery of results in internationalization projects at the institutional level for Universities, Institutes, NGOs and companies in the private sector.

Other services